Why are there so many fundraisers?
First, the average fundraiser raises about $1,200. The PTSO generally requires $25,000 to fund our popular activities.
Second, we try to offer variety. The PTSO does not expect everyone to participate in everything but you may like Joe Corbi Pizza while other parents may enjoy Gertrude Hawk Candy.

I just can't afford to help with fundraisers, what else can I do?
Your participation as parents is just as important as fundraising. This year we are in jeopardy of discontinuing some school events due to the lack of volunteers.
Please take advantage of Volunteer Spot (Information can be found on the PTSO "Things to Know" page. You can see exactly how many volunteers are needed and when. If you see 0, that means there aren't any volunteers with the possible exception of an executive board member. (The PTSO only has 7 executive board members.)
 It is just not possible for everything to be accomplished without help. Less then 1% of PTSO members are using volunteer spot. If everyone picked just one event (Not including Halloween, Grandparents’ Day, and Carnival Day. These events require as much help as possible.)
to help with we would never be short on volunteers.


How much money does the PTSO need?
On average the PTSO spends about $25,000 annually.

What does the PTSO provide to our school?
In lieu of class trips (K – 3) where the busses alone can cost over $1500, Riley has been providing the students with an awesome day of fun and games (Carnival Day). Although this event is a big expense it is enjoyed by parents and students alike.
We try to provide the students with as many fun and educational assemblies as possible throughout the school year.
At Riley school we like to do something special for our 4th graders because they have been with us the longest and will be moving on to Grant school. They are treated to a class trip, farewell ceremony, free yearbooks, and a yearbook signing breakfast.

Cost Breakdown
The following is a simplified breakdown of how PTSO funds are spent. (These are averages from the last few school years.)

Carnival Day $9,000
Assemblies $3,500
4th grade activities $6,000
Other* $6,500

*Other expenses include staff appreciation, administration, auditing, beautification, grandparents’ day, scholarships, school gift, and other miscellaneous items that come up throughout the year. We also do our best to help the teachers whenever we can.

What happens to any “extra” money that may be raised?
We do our best to put any additional money raised back into the school by adding an extra assembly or buying something for the school. We also try to keep a small balance available to start the next school year.

How can we reduce the amount of fundraisers and still provide the same services as provided in past years?
Take advantage of the fundraisers that DO NOT cost anything but raise money for our school:

Box Tops – The school receive $0.10 for every box top submitted. It may not sound like a lot but it all adds up! You can also earn box tops for our school by using <> <> <> <> to shop online with participating retailers that you would normally use anyway.

Target – register your Target credit card and our school earns 1% for every purchase you make AND you receive 5% off of your purchase.


School Mall – Soon you will be receiving your school mall booklet. Take a few minutes and fill out 6 names and addresses, feel free to include yourself! The only information asked for is a mailing address, NO emails or phone numbers. Packets will be mailed to the address provided with information on magazine subscriptions. NO purchase is necessary! Our school receives $2.25 per completed booklet. In past years we have only received 75 booklets out of 330.

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